My name is Lynzi and I advocate for patients with rare diseases.

Where Can I Find Lynzi’s multi-media features?

Lynzi participates in podcasts, public speaking events, and many multi-media collaborations. Check out some of her latest media offerings here.

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Putting The Pieces Back Together
Podcast hosted by Wait, How Do You Spell That? | May 4, 2020
Our newest episode of Wait, How Do You Spell That? is up! We talk to Lynzi Russell about urea cycle disorder (UCD), the importance of boundaries, and moving from denial to self acceptance. 

Learning to Accept A Rare Disease
Article published on Rare Is... Community | August 12, 2019
(Lynzi Russell) My life began the moment I realized that my full potential will be reached with embracing the disorder. It is mine after all.

Childless Millennial
Article published on Remember The Girls | April 22, 2020
(Lynzi Russell) My decision to not have kids has been scrutinized by many people in my life. I have an X-linked genetic disorder that is categorized as a Urea Cycle Disorder.

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